Located in the Metro Detroit area and serving all southern Michigan.
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Welcome to Marter Paranormal Research Team!
Proud supporters of para unity!

If you are experiencing any unusual phenomena, are having any issues that you suspect are paranormal or even if you just have unanswered questions in the paranormal field than let us congratulate you on taking your first step towards finding an answer!

We fully understand that people can be caught in a situation where they feel trapped, forced to deal with experiences that are frightening and unexplainable and too worried to tell anyone for fear that people will dismiss their fears and label them as "crazy". Now you have somewhere to turn to for help, we are here for you.

Marter Paranormal is a group of volunteers with over 35 years of experience studying paranormal phenomena. We are here to help you, not to judge. You can talk to us and we will listen.

We investigate residential homes, businesses and historical locations.
Always free, never a fee!

As you're browsing these pages at the top you will find pictures of many haunted places.
The ones tagged with "Marter" or "investigated" are places our team has visited.
Be sure to take this virtual tour of haunted places around the world.

Marter Paranormal Research Team,LLC-
a science based paranormal team.
Often imitated, never duplicated!

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  Marter Paranormal Research Team,LLC has a very strict policy to obey all laws.
These include laws against trespassing, vandalism, littering, and illegal drug usage. We do not participate in any of these activities and if we ever go to a case and evidence of any illegal activity is present, the case will be terminated and all members will leave the property immediately. The case will not be reopened.

Marter Paranormal Research Team believes in Safety First and will not go into any building or area or engage in any activity that is considered dangerous. Any and all necessary safety precautions will be taken.

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