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Ypsilanti Historical Museum
Second investigation
Notice: Y.H.M. has been kind enough to allow us to investigate the museum on several occasions. This is however a museum, so they ask that no other groups contact them as currently they are not accepting investigation requests from other groups.

Investigation date: 09/29/12
Equipment: video camera’s w/nightshot, still camera’s, ir still camera, 4 audio recorders, 1 recorder w/ p-sb7 spirit box, 2 Mel meters/ 1 with rem pod, EMF meter, Ovilus w/ DTD, geophone, Ir camcorder with Ir light, Static Detectors, K-2 meters, geophone
Investigators: Mark, Terri, Joe, Leslie, Matt, Vanessa, Jeff, Beverly, Lisa. Also included Dana, Mason and Rob who were filming this investigation

Dana, Leslie and Jeff

Beverly and Lisa

Investigation notes:
This was our second full investigation with many occurrences happening during the evening including several people getting touched, EMF occurrences, inter reaction with REM pod and whistles heard and more than 35 evp's recorded.

(full spectrum)


Evidence Review:
Although we did get some abnormalities on still pictures, we are not convinced that they are paranormal.
EVP’s at this location have always been plenty and once again 35+ were captured during this event. Mel meter emf and K2 increases captured on film and REM pod responses also captured on film from possibly a former resident named Minerva. A very exciting evening. Several audio tracks
were recorded with our latest experimental set up using an p-sb7 spirit box.


 Some recorded EVP's

You hear Jeff say “Look at this” then
we caught an evp saying “I’m too hot.”.

An evp taken in the archive area. It sounds like a male voice saying “I’m fine, love you honey”.

People felt like they were getting touched, Vanessa mentioned her leg was going to sleep and starting to tickle and we caught an evp that sounds like a child saying “I’ve been mean to everybody”.

Jeff asked if someone thought the girls were pretty and we caught this. It has been suggested that he was indicating he liked the girl on the “Left”

"He calls me Uncle Tom" – This was picked up by our audio recorder in the attic.

Lisa kept feeling a cold touch in the attic, after she asks “Are you touching me?” you hear an evp saying “David”. It almost sounds like a mother calling her son to task.

Another instance of a whistle caught by
our recorders, one of many.

Late in the investigation Joe was in the archives and said he was very tired and had been walking all day. An evp responded saying “Time for bed”.


We always enjoy this location and have reason to believe that former residents are still there and possible spirits are attached to personal objects. Further study would be necessary to determine how many spirits and what their association with the house would be.

Case status: Ongoing