Located in the Metro Detroit area and serving all southern Michigan.
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Confidential Detroit location

Investigation date: 09/29/12       
Investigators: Mark, Terri, Joe, Lisa, Jeff, Matt, Vanessa
Equipment: Still camera’s, Ir camcorders, geophone, K-2 meters, Mel meter w/ rem pod, static detectors, digital voice recorders, experimental spirit box array
Baselines: Both restrooms had higher than normal EMF due to old fluorescent light fixtures.
Video:     >3:00 hours                     Ir stills: 122                     Photo: 200+

Investigation notes:
Building is from the early 1900’s and has ties with Detroit’s “purple gang”. Investigation location has large truck traffic which possibly contaminated some audio evidence. Investigators were touched a few times. This is the first time using the spirit box array and the results were minimal at best but we were able to get a few possible responses. Geophone was placed on a concrete floor in the basement, triggered many times even after it was placed on a wood board to act as a buffer. Geophone was also placed on apartment bed upstairs and would occasionally trigger when a group consisting of 4 females would ask questions.

Matt and Joe




Evidence Review:
A woman was heard whimpering in the basement which can be heard on video but was not heard on audio recorders. EVP’s recorded suggest ties with deceased people known at this location. Two photos taken in the basement had a shadow and mist which was unknown.
2 different camera's in the same area of the basement.


Joe upstairs alone, evp captured “That’s candy”.

Terri, Lisa, Vanessa and Dawn in the basement, Lisa’s recorder picked up this evp “What’s up?”.

Joe upstairs in apartment alone, after Joe said “Well, it sucks
man but it’s the truth” he caught an evp that says “It sucks more, I’m forty”.

This was recorded on a spirit box after a long intro to a
popular song. Once the song was recognized this is what was recorded on the spirit box.

Terri, Lisa, Vanessa and Dawn in the basement, Lisa asks
“What’s your name?”. After a brief pause we caught the name “Donna”.

Joe upstairs in apartment alone, he said “You realize you’re deceased, right? You know that man? You know you’re dead?” Caught an evp response “Yes”.

We feel after the investigation that this location has several former known people and
it is possible that a few are unknown to current tenants.

Case Status: Open for another investigation