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Grand Ledge residential investigation
This event was organized by Hauntings Paranormal via the Michigan Paranormal Association

Investigation date: 20 October 2012
Equipment: 2 Video Cameras with Night Shot, Still camera, IR/Full Spectrum camera, Static detector, Geophone, scanner,
4 audio recorders, ovilus X with digital display, 2 K2 meters, mel meter w/ rem pod attachment. (This is just equipment from Marter, additional
equipment was used by Hauntings Paranormal including recorders, camera’s and 4 camera nightshot dvr system.)
Investigators: Mark, Terri, Joe, Lorena (Hauntings Paranormal), Dawn (Hauntings Paranormal), Cindy (Portal Paranormal)
Baselines: In Range
Video:         5 + hours                          Ir stills:         173                    Photo: 113

Investigation notes:
This Grand Ledge investigation was hosted by Josh Strickland and Alabama of 97.5 NOW FM and was streamed on the internet live so people could watch through the DVR camera’s and comment in a chat room as the investigation took place. Lorena and Hauntings Paranormal ran the investigation but due to illness within the group, Lorena found herself in need of additional investigators just hours before the investigation and reached out to her friends in the MPA (Michigan Paranormal Association), Marter Paranormal was listening and responded as did Cindy from Portal Paranormal, turning this into a wonderful experience shared jointly with 3 separate groups joining together for a very exciting and active investigation.
Upon arrival we set up equipment, with the DVR cameras in the front bedroom, living room, kitchen and pointing up the stairs to the children’s rooms. Night shot video cameras were set up in the basement and upstairs with equipment in range.  We divided up into teams, Lorena (Hauntings) and Mark (Marter) in team 1, Dawn (Hauntings), Terri (Marter) and Cindy (Portal) in team 2, and Joe went alone as his own team.
Team 1 started in the front bedroom and captured several EVP’s within the first few minutes. Team 2 started outside checking out the area of the chicken coop and Dawn felt like there was a small boy present. Joe started in the basement and was able to capture many EVP’s, saw strange light phenomena and felt tugging on his phone and belt.
Teams rotated through the night covering all areas. While out in the backyard, Joe managed to capture the voice of a little boy on his recorder by the barn and was able to play it right there on the radio. Mark and Lorena had the rem pod in the back yard by the tire swing and it started going off detecting something breaking the static field by the antenna though nothing was seen. 
Team 2 was in the basement where Cindy kept feeling her hair being touched. A wall hanging in the kitchen fell on camera but that was later debunked as one investigator had walked through the kitchen a minute before carrying a backpack that MIGHT have bumped it.
We kept investigating until about 2 in the morning and we were told it was one of the most active and exciting investigations they have had on their annual live paranormal shows.

Dawn and Lorena from Hauntings Paranormal

Cindy from Portal Paranormal and
Terri from Marter Paranormal

Evidence Review:
Video revealed nothing paranormal but the DVR recording was able to debunk the wall hanging. Still pictures showed a strange mist in the back yard. Audio evidence revealed 58 EVP’s captured through the night, 40 from Marter and an additional 18 by Hauntings.

Joe from Marter Paranormal

Mark from Marter Paranormal


Lorena and Mark in front bedroom. Lorena says “I’ll step back, give you some room.” Then we heard
Get back.”

Lorena asks anyone present to touch a device and says “Can you touch it for me, let me know you are here?” you hear “Touch it, touch it.” Then “No.

Joe asks did you throw something followed by
"It's Me".

Joe spent sometime trying to get the ghost to whistle, he pulled it off finally

"Hey Kirby"

Basement - I'll be back

Review of EVP’s revealed not only intelligent responses to actions and questions by the investigators but multiple voices on several EVP’s interacting with each other.
This is not a common occurrence and we believe revealed that there are multiple spirits at this location that are communicating with each other and able to see, understand and interact with the current residents.
 The radio show reveal went over very well with Lorena playing the EVP’s and explaining all of our findings to the home owner and radio station. It was aired from 7am to 9am on Halloween during Josh Stricklands morning show on 97.5 NOW fm.
We would like to thank our hostess Jennifer, Lorena and Hauntings Paranormal, Josh Strickland and Alabama from 97.5 NOW fm and the Michigan Paranormal Association for giving us this wonderful opportunity.

Case status: Closed