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Grand Ledge 2
Grand Ledge 2

Grand Ledge Residential 2

Investigation date: March 16, 2013

Equipment: 2 Video Cameras with Night Shot, Still camera, IR/Full Spectrum camera, Static detector, Geophone, scanner, 4 audio recorders,
P-SB7 spirit box,  frequency counter, s/w radio, 2 K2 meters, mel meter w/ rem pod attachment.

Investigators: Mark, Terri, Beverly, Joe, Jeff and Will

Baselines: Normal and on file.

Video:     6+ hours     Ir/Uv stills: 189      Photo: 178

Investigation notes:
This was our second investigation at this known active location as the client asked for more information. This location is on a major road connecting cities and this area has a strong background in religious sects. Personal experiences were felt by a few members upon arrival and during investigation.

At one point in the master bedroom, 3 investigators all felt coldness or a touching sensation on their arms. We tried talking with a child “Bobby” and investigator Jeff offered him a piggy back ride. While Jeff was on the floor, he felt like something was on his back. We left him to try and speak with Bobby, this was confirmed successful from intelligent EVP responses on review.

Multiple investigators heard 2 male voices conversing via a scanner in the upstairs area where we found a moving free floating emf field.

During the investigation, the home owners noted that they witnessed the tire swing moving.

Tire swing in yard

Evidence Review:
Video evidence negative. Photo evidence negative. P-sb7 spirit box recordings were consistent with earlier recordings and coincide with known actively at this location. Several evp’s were recorded including intelligent responses to questions.

Beverly and Jeff



E.V.P.'s  and P-SB7 recordings captured

P-SB7 recording, "Find father"

P-SB7 recording " What's up with father?
I can't sit"
Back by the barn, sounds like "OK"

Beverly mentioned it being cold in a spot. Sounds like "It can be"
P-sb7 recording "That man is coming....
Who's that?"

Terri says "So are we going downstairs?" and you hear what sounds like "Wait"
Interesting P-sb7 clip..Older man "Bobby"
Younger child "Chicken"
Older man.."What happened to me"


Jeff says "4.1" then you hear "No"



We still haven’t determined why these known spirits have stayed at this location but we are reasonably
certain that we have identified a younger child “Bobby” as well as multiple adults.

Beverly and Terri

Mark and Joe

Beverly and Jeff

Case status: Research project